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According to Safe Guard The World, 2 MILLION home burglaries are reported each year in the U.S. As a homeowner or renter you should be diligent in your efforts to prevent this.

The garage door is the largest access point to your home. Here are some tips to prevent a break in and protect your dwelling.

– Do not fail to maintain your garage door and all it’s hardware. Inspect the mechanisms monthly for corrosion. Purchase a garage door specific lube and use it on all moving parts once a month. Invest in a tune up at least twice a year by a professional.

– Clear any debri from your safety sensors. If you close the door with a remote and walk or drive away, it may not close if the sensors are not properly aligned and cleaned. The same applies to any items left in the way of the door closing.

– Always keep remotes out of reach of small children.

– Do not leave the garage door remote in your car. If a thief breaks into your car, they can take the remote and will then have access to your home. Consider purchasing a keychain remote. This will ensure you do not forget to bring it inside.

– Secure the red release cord hanging from your garage door opener. These cords can be easily accessed by sliding something between the top section of the door and the frame.

– Make sure you do not have an outdated opener. Today manufacturers use a rolling code system so that you cannot copy the transmission with another remote. If your opener is old, it may not use this system placing you at risk. Today’ models can be wifi enabled allowing you to link with an app on your smart phone. These apps will allow you to remotely monitor your garage door at all times.

– Keep the entry door to your home locked with a deadbolt. If a thief manages to get into your garage, stop them from having access to the rest of your home.

– Unless you are outside monitoring the situation, do not leave your garage door open. We all want to believe our neighborhoods are safe, but thieves will seek out the trusting homeowner.

– Consider frosting any windows in your garage door. Theives do not need to know what you store in your garage or that your vehicle is gone and the home unoccupied.

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